Becky & Ketubah

Ritual Facilitation + Jewish Life

Rabbi Becky will work with you to create the ritual that is right for you.    
Life-cycle rituals include:

  • Weddings and other Ceremonies of Commitment

  • Baby Naming/Welcoming Ceremonies (Brit Milah, Brit Banot)

  • Transition rituals (name change, gender-affirming surgery, retirement, divorce/separation)

  • Simchat Mitzvah (aka Bar/Bat Mitzvah)

  • Memorial Services, Unveilings, and Funerals

  • Pastoral Counseling

Other rituals might include:

  • A family ritual welcoming Shabbat

  • A ritual for donating tzedekah

  • A ritual for insemination

Beyn Kodesh l’Chol is a community open to all Jews and those adjacent to the Jewish community.  As such, Rabbi Becky is committed to serving people with a wide variety of life experiences, including unaffiliated Jews, Jews of color, queer and transgender Jews, intercultural/interfaith couples and families, secular Jews, and Jews with disabilities.

Rabbi Becky is also available to those interested in learning more about Judaism, including a path to conversion.