This Christmas action is opening my eyes and heart to the world in new ways. Art and activism. This powerful campaign is filled with beauty. Learn about the fight for the lives of those affected by the prison industrial complex and against prisons in LA.



Mass incarceration, from prisons to deportations and detentions, teaches us to be silent about our loved ones who are locked up. #JailBedDrop hopes to challenge this. We see #JailBedDrop as an integral piece of our movement’s legacy to art as a form of resistance. Art and activism are not silos; rather, when interwoven, we’re able to better express, engage and encourage others.

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PSA: Doug Jones

PSA: This was not a miracle. Jones won because mostly black-led grassroots organizations went door to door, called their neighbors, and got out the vote. Let’s honor their hard work by shining light on it rather than dismissing it as a Hanukkah miracle.

(I’m working on sources for this statement. It comes from a donor community I’m a part of and I need to check what I can share...)

[Edited to reflect the initial, thoughtful comments below -- yes, this could be one understanding of what a miracle is -- and, if so, let's be clear about the nature of the miracle. Even so, I believe that the language of "miracle" in our US culture is still easily ascribed to Gd. So nuance that miracle language, folks!]

[EDITED AGAIN -- What is the miracle here? It isn't black folks taking action, because that is racist BS. Maybe it is the overcoming of structures put in place to disenfranchise black votes? Feel free to comment below. I'll come back and post a cleaner version later... maybe]

The Discovery of a Swastika on the Northeastern Campus

Our response to the discovery of a swastika on campus. Reach out if you want to sit together about this - talking optional.

By now, many of you may have seen the picture of a Jewish star with a swastika drawn in the middle of it in a Shillman Hall bathroom. The swastika is a symbol of hatred, white supremacy, and anti-semitism. Given this particular combination of symbols, it is clear that this hateful message was directed at the Jewish community.

As representatives of the Jewish community on campus, it is alarming to see this symbol. We are saddened and disappointed that someone took this action. We trust that the university is taking swift action to erase this graffiti and do not believe that it is part of a larger threat to Jewish students on campus.

Next week, Jews across the world will light the hanukkiah, a symbol of perseverance and light in the face of opposition and darkness. The Hanukkah lights are to be kindled in windows and doorways in order to publicize the miracle of this particular historical event, and the continued resilience and vibrancy of Jewish communities around the world.

We have a diverse and spirited Jewish community here at Northeastern and will not let this action deter our programming. Please join the JSU for study hours on Sunday December 10th and Monday December 11th, as well our Hanukkah party on Wednesday, December 13th 7-9pm. Our partners at Hillel and Chabad are also planning Hanukkah-related events.

Students who would like to talk about this incident are welcome to reach out to Leah Beight (jsunortheastern@gmail.com) and Rabbi Becky (b.silverstein@northeastern.edu).

Jewish Student Union Executive Board
Rabbi Becky Silverstein, Jewish Student Advisor