PSA: Doug Jones

PSA: This was not a miracle. Jones won because mostly black-led grassroots organizations went door to door, called their neighbors, and got out the vote. Let’s honor their hard work by shining light on it rather than dismissing it as a Hanukkah miracle.

(I’m working on sources for this statement. It comes from a donor community I’m a part of and I need to check what I can share...)

[Edited to reflect the initial, thoughtful comments below -- yes, this could be one understanding of what a miracle is -- and, if so, let's be clear about the nature of the miracle. Even so, I believe that the language of "miracle" in our US culture is still easily ascribed to Gd. So nuance that miracle language, folks!]

[EDITED AGAIN -- What is the miracle here? It isn't black folks taking action, because that is racist BS. Maybe it is the overcoming of structures put in place to disenfranchise black votes? Feel free to comment below. I'll come back and post a cleaner version later... maybe]